• How to use inflatable bag and package materials

    How to use inflatable bags and traditional packaging?       Air cushion bag is a new type of packaging material in the 21st century. Its light weight and strong buffer capacity hav

    2018-06-26 7

  • What is the right air pressure when inflating air column bag

    The industry standard of air pressure when inflating air column bag is 0.06-0.08Mpa. If we inflate the air column bag at such air pressure, the air-filled air column bag will not rise too much, and it

    2018-10-20 20

  • Air column bag for Milk powder can

    Milk powder can air column bag is a product specially designed for people who want to save packaging costs, reduce transportation losses and benefit to environmental protection. How to save packa

    2018-10-20 36

  • What’s the Crucial Problem to Packaging?

    The air cushion packaging products are especially made for solving these problems. Compare with the bubble wrap, PE styrofoam, EPE, or other packaging materials, our product have the following advantages

    2018-10-20 23

  • 5 Basic Knowledge About Air Column Bag

    why air column bags could defeat the traditional packaging product and occupy a big part of market in the packaging area? Now, follow Legion to introduce something about this product. 

    2018-10-20 60

  • What Is Air Column Bag

    Air column bag is a pliable PA/PE co-extrusion plastic material used for packing fragile items. Providing good protective packaging funtion with low cost.

    2019-06-20 99

  • Air Packaing: How to Seal the Air Column Bags or Rolls After Inflating?

    In fact, the air column bags or rolls can be inflated by a mini pump machine or a hand pump quite easily, and doesn’t need sealing after inflating. However, many e-commerce sellers or e

    2018-11-22 Alisa 31

  • Advantages of Air Column Bags

    The air column bag is a kind of new style protective packaging which is filled with natural air. It is used as a substitute for pearl cotton, polystyrene foam, pulp and other packaging. Currently the

    2018-11-24 Alisa 48

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