Packaging Trends For 2019

2018-12-08 35

Well, another year has come and almost gone,there are views of some of the trends in the packaging market we are likely to see in 2019.

1.   E-Commerce

The growth in online sales and e-commerce, whilst not new, continues at a remarkable rate, and was estimated to have grown by over 23% last year. 

Protective packaging is a crucial part of the e-commerce customer experience, given that the overall judgement of customer service and satisfaction for online buyers will be greatly influenced by the packaging the products are delivered in. Product damage in transit not only results in a negative customer experience but also significantly dents profitability with delays, product returns and re-shipping costs. 

It’s also important to strike the right balance between sufficient packaging protection and wasteful over packaging, something which Amazon has sometimes drawn heavy criticism for from consumer groups. 

2.   Sustainable and Environmental Responsibility

Again, not a new trend for 2019, but consumers continue to grow ever more sensitive to the environmental implications of packaging. Solutions which reduce the amount of overall packaging needed, or reduce environmental impact by reducing weight, along with use of recyclable materials and recycled content will continue to be in strong demand. 

Consumer education in this area, in terms of promoting packaging solutions which either reduce waste by preventing damage, cut the amount of materials needed, and lower weight and therefore CO2 emissions, will continue to be needed by the packaging industry. 

3.   Flexible Packaging

air cushion packaging| air column bag| air pillow

Flexible packaging continues to grow faster than any other packaging format due to its convenience, functionality and sustainability. Packaging which is light and less bulky and therefore easier to transport, store and takes up less storage space is the order of the day. Couple this to a packaging format which reduces damage and returns, provides better shipping efficiency and optimizes the e-commerce experience and it’s easy to see why flexible packaging solutions are proving so popular, a trend which is sure to continue next year. 

As we look forward to next year, we know that business-wise there is a great deal of uncertainty both in the China and also globally, but we can also be sure that packaging will continue to play an integral part in business and commerce. Here’s wishing everyone a prosperous and successful 2019, whatever challenges may come our way.