Advantages of Air Column Bags

2018-11-24 Alisa 48

The Air Column Bag is a kind of new style protective packaging which is filled with natural air. It is used as a substitute for pearl cotton, polystyrene foam, pulp and other packaging. Currently the Air Column Bag is used widely in online sales, import and export, and logistics. 

The raw material of Air Column Bag is high quality co-extrusion film which contains PE+PA and nylon. So, it is durable and has high air tightness. Its basic material is tested by SGS that it doesn’t contain any heavy metal, burning non-toxic, and have moisture-proof, environmentally friendly characteristics. air packaging of air column bag

With the improvement of people’s environmental protection consciousness, and some country already set relative laws. Many foam materials cannot be produced any more, after all they are serious polluting products. As a result, the production and transportation cost of the foam also increased. However, the raw material of the Air Column Bag is not only supplied stably, but also safe and environmentally friendly. At the same time, it also passed the EU RHOS and reached test requirement. What’s more, air bags are supplied in non-inflated way, ensures that you can save up to 90% on your storage costs. 

The Air Column Bag is close-fitting to cover products, that not only provides void filling and supporting, but also provides long-term storage and non-leakage protection. Besides, thanks to independent structure, in case of a failure of any column, the other column will continue to provide protection. This kind buffer protection can reduce the damage rate to the lowest. According to the drop test, the foam totally cannot compare to the Air Column Bag, because the buffering performance of the foam is not enough. But for the Air Column Bag, even if it is deformed sixteen times, it will not burst. So, the Air Column Bag has an advantage over the conventional packaging material in terms of protection performance. Shiner Packaging already test many times, the single column can bear about 100 kg. You also can get samples from Shiner Packaging to test and check by yourself. 

The Air Column Bag, as a modern and advanced packaging solution also shows the image of company to consumers. We all know that consumers always have goodwill for environmentally companies. Therefore, using Air Column Bag is of great help to enhance the company image and obtain praise from customers.