Air Packaing: How to Seal the Air Column Bags or Rolls After Inflating?

2018-11-22 Alisa 31

In fact, the Air Column Bags or rolls can be inflated by a mini pump machine or a hand pump quite easily, and doesn’t need sealing after inflating. However, many e-commerce sellers or enterprises who have not yet used the air column bag as the buffer and protective package do not know the basic technology and principle of the air column bag, and they are always worrying about whether the air will run out. Is it better to heat sealing separately? 

air packaging of air column bag

Actually, it is totally no need to seal after inflating. Here Shiner Packaging explain that for you. As the air column bag is equipped with a one-way air stop valve film, the air is sealed automatically. It is same as the soccer and basketball, just remove the pump after inflating. Because the air column bag is filled with air pressure inside, extruding the one-way air stop valve tightly, the air column bag can achieve the special function of sealing and locking by itself without additional heat sealing. 

How long will the air remain in the air column bag after inflating? This problem mainly depends on the raw materials of Air Column Bag. If the co-extrusion film with high nylon content is used, the time of air locking will be longer, usually more than 6 months (half a year). However, if the raw material is common or inferior co-extrusion film, the time retention of air packaging will be very short. 

Some customers think they do e-commerce express delivery, just a few days delivered, they do not need it to keep gas so long time. Then they chose to save cost with poor raw materials! Here Shiner Packaging make an explanation for this misunderstanding: although poor raw materials can satisfy 3-5 days' shipping time, the most important thing is that the strength and toughness of poor materials will be also very bad! The air packaging bag will be broken easily, its air will run out, then only two pieces of thin film left and the protection performance lost as well. At that time, what the poor-quality Air Column Bags bring to you is broken goods, higher cost of after-sales, terrible store reputation. The loss even cannot be covered by the cost of hundreds of low-quality Air Column Bags. 

You get what you pay, therefore, please be careful to select the right Air Column Bag manufacturer who use high quality raw material. Make sure the Air Column Bags have high anti-pressure strength and longtime air retention. In this way, your customers will receive the intact goods in perfect condition, avoiding after-sales trouble.