Air column bag for Milk powder can

2018-10-20 36

Milk powder can air column bag is a product specially designed for people who want to save packaging costs, reduce transportation losses and benefit to environmental protection.

How to save packaging costs?air pillow|air cushion|air column bag|air cushion machine

The traditional styrofoam and EPE cotton are molded packages, which are molded and foamed according to the shape of fragile products. Therefore, the shapes of the above packages have been fixed and cannot be changed. During storage, they occupy a large area and cannot be stored in large quantities.

 While the Air Column Bag is flat like an A4 paper before it is inflated. it only inflates when in use, so it takes up very little storage space and has extremely low storage cost. Therefore, it is suitable for large-scale storage and saves you 20 % of the storage and transportation cost.

How to reduce transportation losses?

The Air Column Bag is made of 7- layer nylon coextruded PA/ PE film, its raw material comes from Amcor group and has a nylon content of 15 %. It has very good anti-extrusion and anti-seismic performance and 360 - degree protection.

Each air column inside has an independent one-way air intake valve. Even if one of the columns is damaged or leaked, it will not affect the other air columns. ?Super protective performance will reduce your transportation loss.

How to protect the environment?

PA/PE material, 100 % recyclable to meet your company's corporate social responsibility objectives and governmental waste reduction targets.

Exchange low-cost and high-quality Air Column Bag for the safety of your high-value products. It is very worthwhile and ready for you.

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