Shenzhen Shiner Packaging Co., Ltd. was established in China’s core economic zone - Guangdong Pearl River Delta Shenzhen. It was established in December 2014 with a registered capital of 2 million yuan. It is a R&D and manufacturing enterprise specializing in air cushion packaging solutions. The company insists on efficient production, refined management, and sincere cooperation, and has developed rapidly in a short period of time. At present, it has many advanced high-speed production lines for air packaging bags. As a new leader in the air cushion bag packaging industry, Shiner Packaging analyzes multi-faceted market and caters to the needs of customers.

Shiner Packaging pursues top-ranking quality and makes efforts to the development of innovative inflatable packaging air bags technology. We provide professional and continuous service for customers and always runs at the forefront of technological innovation in the new air cushion packaging industry.

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1. Air Column Wrap Roll: Air column wrap roll is currently one of the widely used cushioning materials in the packaging market. It contains seven layers of nylon co-extruded film, which has strong load-bearing capacity. Due to too many irregularities in the product, the length of the air column wrap roll can be cut at will and the fault tolerance is high. At present, Shiner Packaging Co., Ltd. has a variety of thickness and length of the air column wrap roll.air pillow|air cushion|air column bag|air cushion machine

2. Air column bag: The Air Column Bag is designed according to the product, the bag shape is beautiful, the effect is more obvious, and it can greatly improve the product packaging image and can also cooperate with other packaging materials. The common use of packaging materials is the best choice for corporate brands.

3. Air Cushion Bag: The air cushion bag is a type of air packaging material. There are air pillows, air bubble wrapper, sausage air cushion film, and two films air cushion bubble wrap currently. Compared with other packing materials, air cushion bags are more compact, more convenient, and have better space accommodation. The inflatable air packaging bag is more efficient with air cushion machine.

4. Custom air packaging models: If the regular size does not meet your product, your product appearance is very special or you have special requirements for packaging, you will receive a one-to-one intimate service to provide you with the right solution, all - round protection for your product.

5. Color Printing: Our Company provides color printing for product image. For corporation’s image, customers can provide logos or templates for printing to produce highly-identified packaging products.


After years of hard work and good faith cooperation, Shenzhen Shiner Packaging Co., Ltd. has become the “governing body” of the Shenzhen Packaging Industry Association and is a “strength business” certified by Alibaba and commissioned by SGS. Shiner Packaging has won the trust of customers and is an excellent supplier to customers.

Shiner Packaging has never stopped on the road to R&D and innovation. With the joint efforts of employees and employers, it has obtained a number of inflatable packaging patents, which are unique on the packaging road.

We are adhering to the core values of “People-oriented, generosity, similes welcome the challenge, practical attitude” and taking “honesty, tolerance, innovation, service” as our corporate spirit to create value for e-commerce and packaging industries through independent innovation and sincere cooperation.

air pillow|air cushion|air column bag

With the development of the global economy, the costs of human and material resources will rise. The old material packaging is not suitable for the current logistics packaging requirements. The new inflatable air cushion packaging is light in weight and strong in cushioning, and the most important thing is that only a few Air column bags can be safely protected in the packaging process, which follows with the low-cost trend at that time. With the changes in the world’s climate and environment, the old packaging materials are not easy to decompose and the recycling rate is low. Airbags are composed of 80% air, and 20% are PA/PE co-extruded membranes. They are green and environmentally friendly.

Shiner Packaging will continue to adhere to the path of inflatable packaging in the new macro environment, strive for R&D and production, and is committed to providing environmentally-friendly, inflatable packaging with strong packaging capabilities. It will walk toward the vertex of the global packaging industry and allow more customers to understand inflatable packaging. To co - create a green packaging environment.

air pillow|air cushion|air column bag